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Hello, everyone! My name is Nikolay Valiotti.

I’ve been engaged in business analytics and data analysis since 2009. Over this period I’ve managed to work in this area in Lenta, Yota, Ulmart, Baltica and Tapcore/Airpush. I’ve worked my way up from studying of SQL in all kinds of DBMS (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Redshift, Snowflake, Vertica, Clickhouse, BigQuery etc.) with various analytical tools (Tableau, Oracle BI, PowerBI, Redash, Mode, Looker, Statsbot, Metabase).
I’ve been constructing various ML models of classification, forecasting, regression, clusterization in the following packages: SPSS, R, Matlab and Python.
In 2014 I passed my Ph.D. defense on the topic of development of neural network model for evaluation of business indicators in telecom (intervention analysis).

Nowadays, I am consulting developers of the mobile industry, retail, e-commerce and -tech startups.

In this blog and the telegram channel linked thereto (@leftjoin) I will be writing and telling about analytics, visualization, data warehouses. I will be reviewing and examining technological solutions of DW, BI tools, SQL tools. I am planning to pay attention to drawing up useful business reports, presenting a number of posts with ready solutions regarding data visualization, that represents an integral part thereof.

I’ll be sharing useful links, videos and books.

Moreover, we’ll partially deal with machine learning and construction of data models in the course of my exploration of Python :)

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