Building a funnel-report in redash

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So, we’ve been planning to review Funnel-visualization of a report in Redash.
First and foremost, let’s build a request to the data source that we’ve created – Google Analytics.

The following text needs to be placed in the request console:

    "ids": "ga:128886640",
    "start_date": "30daysAgo",
    "end_date": "yesterday",
    "metrics": "ga:users,ga:goal1Completions,ga:goal2Completions,ga:goal3Completions"

In this request we are asking API Google Analytics to provide data for the last 30 days on the account GA: 128886640. We want to see the number of users and the number of completion of goals 1, 2 and 3.

As a result, our table will look as follows:

ga:users ga:goal1Completions ga:goal2Completions ga:goal3Completions
3,926 105 41 32

Great, that’s right what we need in order to build a funnel.
Now I will tell you about one very useful Redash feature: query-results. In order to connect tables with results of queries’ execution, we go to Data Sources and search for query-results (beta). Connecting new data source.
Now we have an opportunity to refer to results of Redash queries. Thus, for instance, we can use the results of a requests to Google Analytics API.

How to do it?
We need to choose a data source query-results on the left:

Drop down menu with selection of data sources (in the console – on the left)

Now we’ll learn to make funnel-visualization. For this purpose, we write the following SQL-query:

select 'Add a good to the shopping cart' as step_name, ga_goal1Completions as goalCompletion from query_8
union all
select 'View the shopping cart' as step_name, ga_goal2Completions from query_8
union all
select 'Order processing' as step_name, ga_goal3Completions from query_8

In this case query_8 – is the very table with results of request to the data source Google Analytics.

Let’s set visualization:

Carefully selecting parameters, in order to achieve the desired result

As a result, we receive the funnel of conversions from one goal to another:

You can display this funnel in the dashboard and add filters / parameters thereto.
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